Happy Paw-lidays! PetScreening has a Podcast

Posted by Mallory on Dec 21, 2018 4:32:09 PM

PetScreening is podcasting! In episode 1 of the PetScreening.com pawdcast, PetScreening founder John Bradford talks about what steps property managers and landlords can take when their residents get a new pet as a gift over the holidays.

Listen below!


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Happy Paw-lidays!

Pawdcast, episode 1 transcript:

Hi, this is John Bradford, pet lover and founder of PetScreening.com.

Hey! Welcome to our first ever podcast. We have a new website out, and we have a blog spot that you can go read, but we also wanted to start doing a podcast here on audio because sometimes it's easier for people to listen than it is to read.

Christmas is just days away, so happy paw-lidays! We can't help it we're full of puns here at petscreening.com. Today, we're going to talk a little bit about Christmas surprises. We know that at Christmas time Santa brings lots of goodies and it's very exciting time. But — surprise! — one of your residents got a new pet over the holidays.

Now, admittedly the idea of puppies and kittens popping out of boxes is undeniably adorable. But we know that new pets mean added liability for you — not only as the housing provider or the property manager — but also for the owners that you work for and all the people that might live in the same community. We know an accountable pet owner is incredibly important so that everybody is satisfied living in a particular community or neighborhood.

So, let's talk about how PetScreening can help pet friendly housing providers like all of you mitigate the risk that actually comes with housing pets and pet owners. The first thing to do is obviously you need to find out about it so hopefully these folks are forthcoming and come to you!

Assuming that you're aware of it, and you have a pet friendly policy, then you're going to want to send them to PetScreening.com where they can go ahead and create a brand new profile. Now, keep in mind that these new pet owners might not have a full vaccination history because with puppies and kittens there are certain age requirements before they can have certain vaccinations administered.

Even still, the pet owner can absolutely fill out a pet profile with the pet’s name, age, and veterinarian name. They can put in pictures of the pet, the pet’s weight, and then the pet owner can start answering the questions in the pet profile that will help you better understand if these individuals are responsible pet owners.

We ask a variety of questions, such as: Are you going to keep this little puppy on a leash at all times? Are you going to pick up the waste after this little puppy?

If pet-related damages or incidents occur while the pet and pet owner is living in your property, PetScreening has a really neat incident reporting feature. We are the very first national collaborative database where property managers and housing providers can report pet related and animal related incidents such as: pet or animal property damage, pet or animal bites, unauthorized pets or animals. You can report those incidents and those incidents will stay on the record of the pet and pet owner into perpetuity.

It is important to know the history of how a pet owner is taking care of their pet or animal. If there's an incident reported and that person tries to apply for another rental years later in a whole new city or a whole new state with a housing provider that is using PetScreening.com, the reported incident will populate on the pet owner’s PetScreening record. That's a real powerful tool that we hope you will take advantage of using, and it's very easy to use. You find the pet owner in your dashboard, go to their pet profile, click on incident report, log your incident and save. It's that easy.

Also, we know that puppies and kittens will grow and they will grow fast! The beauty of PetScreening is our product allows the pet owner to come back and update their profile including updating vaccination records throughout the lifecycle of the pet, updating photos and even updating size. One thing that's really neat about PetScreening.com is our product is always good for one year. We know a lot can change in one year when we're talking about puppies and kittens. We know now they're starting to become adults, if you will. Even though cognitively they're really not matured until probably two years, from a physical standpoint after a year they're probably going to be just about as big as they're gonna be.

Your residents should always renew their pet profile every year especially before you sign a new lease for a new term. Now, you may say, “Well, why would I do that?”

Well, here's why. Something might have happened in the last year that you're unaware of. I'll give you an example. If you live in a county that has county dog parks, how do you know that a dog didn't go to a county dog park or city dog park and perhaps get into a tumble with another dog and cause an injury or maybe even bit someone's hand as they were trying to break them up?

Chances are your resident is not going to volunteer that information happened. So, every year when you have them update their profile, they're going to be asked again to go on the record to say whether or not there has been an incident such as a injury or a bite that caused injury to a person or another animal.

Having your pet owners and animal owners renew their pet profiles every single year is incredibly important. Assistance animal requests are always free at PetScreening.com and even a renewal is free for an accommodation request. However, for our pet owners we do have a half price renewal fee. It's a bargain because the pet owner gets a pet management product that they can use all year long. They can share it with their pet groomers, their doggy daycares, pet walkers, pet sitters, campgrounds, hotels. Of course, we even alert pet owners when they have expiring vaccinations.

In the end, the idea of getting a puppy or kitten surely sounds wonderful. We want to make sure that your new pet owners are held to the highest level of responsibility for making sure they are following the rules for your properties.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for your business here at PetScreening.com. We have a great pack you can always count on us to help you and we just want to say that PetScreening is really opening eyes and changing hearts even when it comes to looking at all breeds because we believe that every pet deserves an opportunity. Happy holidays everyone! Thank you for listening.