Housing Providers Use The FIDO Score™ To Generate Revenue. Here's How.

Posted by Mallory on Feb 1, 2019 11:03:00 AM

In our blog spot post, Retrieving FIDO Scores for Household Pets, PetScreening Founder, John Bradford, talks about his personal experience with screening his dog, Maggie*, and her PetScreening FIDO Score™. 

Our patent pending and proprietary FIDO Score™ ranges between 5-paw down to 0-paw and is included with each Pet Profile we screen at PetScreening. (Note: Assistance animals do not receive a FIDO Score™.)  

The higher the paw rating, the lower the risk associated with renting to a pet and pet owner. Several factors are weighed when calculating the FIDO Score, including, but not limited to:

  • Type of Animal
  • Breed
  • Age, Weight, Gender
  • Vaccination History
  • Behavioral Traits

*To see how Maggie scored, click here.

Housing Providers can use the FIDO Score™ to charge appropriate pet fees to make sure they’re covering their risk when renting to pets and their owners. Leveraging FIDO Score™ results to set up a tiered pet fee structure could lead to substantial new revenue opportunities for housing providers. 

Using the FIDO Score™ to set variable pet rents, pet fees and pet deposits is a very similar methodology to using a FICO credit score to determine a resident’s security deposit amount.

"It's been a huge revenue source for us," says Denny Miller of Zenith Properties. "We are going to quadruple our pet fee income by the time we get to the end of 2019. That means that we're going to make $100,000 extra this next year on pet fees because of the tools that we have with PetScreening."

And that's pure profit. There is no charge ($0) to the housing provider to use PetScreening's services.

Furthermore, housing providers who use PetScreening can set custom limits to their FIDO Scoreresults based on their preferences and policies for pet age, weight, and breed.

If you are interested in finding out how much additional revenue your company could possibly generate with PetScreening's FIDO Score, check out our Revenue Estimator Spreadsheet.

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