How to create your custom URL and branded landing page

Posted by Mallory on Feb 19, 2019 11:01:00 AM

Hi, PetScreening Pack Members! Here’s how to set up your custom URL and branded landing page.


  1. After you’ve registered your company for free and logged into your PetScreening account, click settings, then Landing Page.
  2. Next, set your company’s unique subdomain URL. This is the URL link that you will share with your residents.
  3. Now comes the fun part! Here, you have the option to select colors for your landing page that match your company brand. The landing page header, navigation menu and buttons can all be customized. Note that you can preview your custom color options in the sample header bar below the logo fields.
  4. After you’ve selected your colors, it’s time to upload your logo and favicon. There are two places to upload your logo. First for the header and then for the log in page. Jpeg and PNG images are acceptable formats and you have the option to crop your logos to fit.
  5. If you have pet amenities in your rental community, the community pet amenities photos section is the spot to showcase them. So, if you have an on-site pet salon, an incredible dog park, or even a doggy dj studio...add them here. A maximum of 5 photos can be uploaded to this section.
  6. The next spot allows you to summarize your pet policy and then go into detail with policies for each profile type -- no pet, household pet and assistance animal. By default, we provide the sample text you see here which you have the option to edit. If there is a certain profile type that you do not want your residents to create, select “No” next to the Show Start Button.
  7. Next, attach any PDF documents or add links to any pages relevant to your pet policies. This could include any lease addenda or pet related pages on your company website.
  8. The final section is there for you to enter detailed descriptions of your pet policies. Click save when ready and View Landing Page.

The information on your landing page can be updated as needed in the landing page settings of your PetScreening account.

Your next steps are to add your custom subdomain URL to your company website, rental applications and resident marketing materials to drive residents to your landing page.

When residents visit your landing page for the first time, they will begin the screening process by clicking the start here button under the profile type that applies to them. Then they will follow the prompts to set up their PetScreening account and activate their profile.

Residents returning to your landing page can log into their PetScreening account at any time by clicking log in at the top of the page and following the prompts to access their account.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions, please email us at or chat with us on our website at

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